• Are you addicted to running marathons?
  • Do your thoughts switch to the next scheduled race immediately after finishing a marathon?
  • Are you signed up for more than one race right now?
  • Are your closets and dressers filled with marathon t-shirts?
  • Do you have so many marathon medals that you've run out of room on the hook they hang from?
  • When asked about your racing from non running people, do you find yourself talking with great passion to the point that the person that asked the question regrets ever asking?
  • Have you run marathons on back to back weekends? Or better yet back to back days?
  • Do you plan all your vacations around a marathon race?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, you just may be a Marathon Maniac!!! 


Congratulations Latest Double Agents!
Katie Dicharry (MM-14448 HF-15873 DA-3204)
Lisa Grippe (MM-6122 HF-16999 DA-3205)
Sara Pilgrim (MM-12591 HF-16997 DA-3203)
David Larson (MM-8051 HF-16996 DA-3202)
Mark Wetz (MM-6996 HF-16994 DA-3201)
David Kirkbridd (MM-14446 HF-16993 DA-3200)
Carol Magill (MM-14445 HF-16677 DA-3199)
Krystal Brown (MM-14443 HF-16989 DA-3198)
Gina Nelson (MM-14441 HF-16309 DA-3197)
Cheryl Becker (MM-14440 HF-14377 DA-3196)