Marathon Maniacs News Letter – March / April 2006



March Highlights

·         11 new members for the month of March (267 total members)

·         Marathon Junkie Chuck Engle wins the Ocean Drive Marathon

·         Terry Sentinella wins the Hogeye Marathon





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Upcoming Marathon News / Discounts


·         Peterson Ridge Rumble (4/09/06): $5 discount for either the 30k or 60k.  Maniac Sean asks that you write your Maniac number on the entry form

·         Country Music Marathon (4/29/06): Receive $15 off when you register online and enter the coupon code FULL55 on

·         New Jersey Marathon (4/30/06): Art Castellano is offering the Maniacs a $20 discount. Just indicate Marathon Maniacs on the application for proper processing.

·         Frederick Marathon (4/30/06): Race director Rachel Ridgeway has offered the Maniacs a $5 discount for her race. When registering for the marathon, they can enter "FREDIACS" upon checkout to receive $5 off of their registration fee.

·         Green Bay Marathon (5/21/06): Offering Maniacs a 10% discount on the entry fee.

·         Coeur D'Alene Marathon (5/28/06): Race Director Chris Copstead is offering Maniacs a 10% discount. They'll need to go to our web site and do the mail in the application. It's imperative that they state that they're with the Marathon Maniacs. 

·         North Olympic Discovery Marthon (6/11/06): Race Directors Michelle and Larry Little are offering the Maniacs a $5 discount off their entry. Just jot down that you're a Marathon Maniac on the entry form (with your Maniac #) and send in the form.

·         Paul Bunyan Marathon (7/16/06): Special Discounts for Marathon Maniac Runners!!!
All Maniac Members will receive TWO (2) free passes to the Pre-Race Pasta Dinner ($30 dollar value) and be offered a special $75 a night room rate at our lodging sponsor, the Black Bear Inn Hotel; this is a 25%+ discount. Fifty (50) rooms will be placed on hold as this could be a "Maniac Summer Meeting in Maine" for members. As a token of our appreciation to your club The Paul Bunyan Marathon Race Committee will donate a table to promote your running club at our Expo free of charge.


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                                               The Marathon Maniacs…at the Races


March 4

Lord Hill Trail Ultra: Christel Elliot, Kendall, Kreft, Jeff Loen, Arthur Martineau, Van "pigtails" Phan,    Guy Yogi, Jen Yogi

Greenway Trail Marathon: Larry Macon


March 5

B & A Trail Marathon: Jesse Leitner

Little Rock Marathon: The President's attempt at a race report.  Sue and I had no real aspirations on doing well in this race. Our participation was geared towards running a marathon in Arkansas (one step closer to 50), seeing other runners at the 50-states club reunion (of which we both are members), receive the world's largest finishers medal and to tour some sites. We were not disappointed.


Since our plane into Little Rock was delayed due to mechanical problems, we couldn't make it to the Race Expo  Friday night as planned.  After a scrumptious meal at Quizno's Subs, followed by dessert at Popeye's Chicken (OK, so we're not the best of eaters), we turned in for the night at our hotel in west Little Rock.  Early next morning, we made the hour drive west to the city of Hot Springs, known for the boyhood home of Bill Clinton and having the smallest National Park in the United States.  We toured the Fordyce bathouse, which also served as the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center.  Since we didn't care too much about our finishing time for Little Rock, we partook in an 11 kilometer Volksmarch that started at the Visitor Center.  Trouble is, the first 2 miles were all uphill on the trails within the West Mountain unit of the park.  The first checkpoint led to a 200 foot observation tower built at the apex of the mountain.  The panoramic view on top was breathtaking. Just a level below, artifacts from President Clinton's childhood were on display, as well as a timetable signifying other Arkansas events during Clinton's tenure as Governor of Arkansas as well as his presidential years.


We had to speed up our walk as we wanted to catch the latter portion of the 50-states reunion meeting held at Robinson Hall.  After summiting the tower, we had to go back down and hike up the other side of Hot Springs Park. Now we weren't sure if this was such a good idea, as our legs began to feel like rubber.  Making it back to Little Rock, we picked up our race packets at the relatively small expo and managed to drift into Room 103 where the reunion meeting was held.  Familiar faces were spotted: Paula and Steve Boone, Lenore and Bob Dolphin, Lisa Spence, Don Pattison and Marie Bartoletti, in wheelchair and all.  Roger Biggs was then introduced and gave a short speech.  After the meeting was adjourned, we caught up with the above mentioned names as well as Cheryl Murdock and Dave Bell.  Then the only sore point of the race weekend.  Roger convinced Sue and I to attend the race pasta feed, held a few blocks to the east in a pavilion along the Arkansas River.  Sue normally hates these functions but I gathered she wanted to BS with the folks above, as most were attending the spread. While the food was OK, the portions were small and they (Romano's Macaroni Grill) dissuaded folks from getting seconds until all of the runners in line were fed. By the time we stood in line for seconds, all of the pasta was gone, leaving only bread and salad as sustenance. Not a smart way to spend $15! At least the company was top-notch. After we said our goodbye's and wishing everyone well in tomorrow's marathon, Sue and I made a bee-line for Popeye's again.



  Marie (#81) Bartoletti       Maniac #7 and #13…no hiding from this race!       Roger (#88) Biggs & Lenore D.


Race morning brought almost ideal weather; brief sunshine turning into overcast skies with temperature in the 50's.  The gun sounded and immediately a frenzy of runners bolted from thier starting spots. I spotted Lisa and we wished each other well. I then noticed a fast racewalker with "Kalb" written on the back of his jersey. Could this be new Maniac #256 Chester Kalb? Of course I had to find out and sure enough it was. After a brief introduction, the field spread out enough to maintain a comfortable stride and pace.  Near mile 6, I hear a familiar voice next to me…hey Steve, "how are you doing"? Always a refreshing sight, it was Titanium Maniac Nicole Mills. We ran together for a few miles, with the usual banter of where each other's next marathon(s) were and goals for 2006. We both hadn't been doing very much running this year. After a brief water stop, I lost Nicole (darn it!). We were approaching the hardest part of the course, where entering the historic Hillcrest area required trudging up a mile long hill.  At mile 16, I noticed the familiar bike-like jersey on a runner…ah, a fellow Washingtonian (Monte Fus).  Unfortunately he was stopped, in the porta-john line so I couldn't run with him.



           Monte (#185) Fus            Tom (#38) Detore and Donna         The Prez and Nicole (#241) Mills


The nicest section of the course winds downhill through a park-like setting eventually settling to the out-and-back section on the Arkansas River Trail. At mile 17, another familiar jersey and face, Tom Detore from Nebraska. He was slowing down some so we said our hi's and goodbye's. A mile later the refreshing sight of a yellow Maniac singlet…walking. But I knew it was Don P. walking as he was pushing Marie in her wheelchair! As I made the turnaround at the end of the trail, I looked over to the other side and recognized most of the Maniacs coming the other way.  As we made our way back towards the state capitol building, a few more hills got in the way before     


Other Maniacs whom ran the race but I didn't get to see were Ron Bucy, Andrew Edwards and the indefatigable Larry Macon, Charles Sayles, Angela Ivory and new Maniac Mike DuVall.


Later that evening some of us were going to attend the post race bash back at the Waterfront Pavilion.  We had a few hours to kill so Sue and I toured the Clinton Presidential Center we stoically ran past at mile 6.  On the second level, a moving exhibit highlighted musicians that Clinton admired, met, had performances in the White House, etc . Another maniac admiring the exhibit was Lois Berkowitz. It was wonderful meeting Lois for the first time; I just wish we had more time to talk.  After leaving the Presidential Center, we made our way to the Pavilion for the BBQ feed and free beer. We ended up sitting with Roger Biggs and friends. About 15 minutes later Lenore and Bob, along with their good friends and Maniacs Fenny Roberts and Jim Scheer show up. 

It was a great feast, and with two t-shirts, the world's largest finishers medal and a relatively low cost ($50) for running this marathon, I would highly recommend a trek to Little Rock.


Andrew Edwards Little Rock Report:

Bob Dolphin's Little Rock Report:




  Don (#208) Pattison                 Jim (#86) Scheer               Lois (#110) Berkowitz at the Clinton Prez Center



Lansford Canal 50km: Brenton Floyd

Napa Marathon: Gary Guess, Deo Jaravata, Robert "srlopez" Lopez, Dana Mosell, Lesa Overfield. Maniac Eddie Hahn provides us with his insight on Napa.  On March 5th the Napa Valley Marathon was held under very cloudy skies. The rain was coming down at a good clip, and unfortunately the pre-race weather conditions projected at the previous days “Marathon College” were coming true.  Worth mentioning were the March 4th Pasta party and marathon college both premier, well organized events.  The 2006 event would mark only the second time in the races 28 year history that participants would get a shower. This bodes well for those maniacs who have trained in the Pacific Northwest; but it doesn’t necessarily mean we look foreword to it!


Along the very scenic and rolling hills of Napa Valley’s wine country we encountered pleasant pockets of fans-which had obviously got the word that were passing through, and braved the very inclement weather to support us.  For a mid size marathon in a rural area I was impressed by the number of fans at the designated “cheering” intersections.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in addition to the rain, which came down steadily through race morning, we were also accosted by a fairly strong wind, which relented slightly when the course turned.    Over the rolling vineyard hills could be observed among other things: stately mansion style houses, trees wrought with varies bird species, multiple wineries (I count myself among those who took advantage of the little publicized “15 % marathoner discount that many local wineries offered), and a pink metal bovine (cow).


The finisher’s medal was of a unique multi-colored variety, and the first “spinning” medal I have received. The long sleeve color shirt of a technical material was accompanied by a race logo embroidered sweat bag complete with a logo tag and race number!


Sarasota Marathon: Boonsom Hartman, Harry Hoffman, Tom Karpowich. From

Kenyan runner, Sylvester Daudi, took the honors at the inaugural Albritton Fruit Sarasota Marathon, winning in a time of 2:26:27. Chuck Engle, in his ninth marathon for 2006 ran his fastest time of the year, 2:31:34 to take second place. For those keeping score, Engle's 2006 record now stands at 7 wins and 2 second place finishes. His average finish time - with no special weighting of hard courses and easy courses - is 2:39:29. Third place went to Mike Aldrink of Durham NC in 2:34:14. Aldrink's credits include five marathons in 2005 including a win at the Carrolton Road Races and second place at the Delaware Marathon. Fourth place and first masters finisher, went to Gary Allen, 48, in 2:47:26. Allen, the race director of the scenic Mount Desert Island Marathon, is one of the few active race directors running competitively in a number of marathons throughout the year.  Gary has run an astonishing 52 marathons in under 3 hours!


March 11

Umstead Trail Marathon: Lois Berkowitz, Brenton Floyd, Cathy Troisi

Way Too Cool 50km: Fast Maniac Meghan Arbogast's Race Report: Last Saturday I experienced a great 50k in the metropolis of Cool, Ca, in the foothills of the Sierras. The weather was dicey, having snowed the day before, and water levels in the streams were up to wading depth in many instances. Race day, however, was cold but dry. I donned tights, hat, gloves, longsleeves, vest, and jacket. I warmed up with Craig, and in doing so got a glimpse of the conditions that would greet us - a fair amount of mud the entire width of the trail that made it logical to plow right through the middle. It was going to be messy.

The race numbers were down from 400+ to less than 400, most likely due to the weather and the hazardous driving conditions it imparted. I didn't recognize very many people except for my Oregon friends and a few others
from other races. I joined the masses at the start line, wished my friends good luck, and we were soon off.

The first mile is on an old paved road, and slightly downhill. Folks were cruising along quickly, and I went out with some effort. Soon, I was breathing hard, and checked my HRM - 170 - okay that didn't bode well - and in front of me everyone looked so relaxed, chatting it up, moving with ease. I saw one ponytail pulling farther and farther ahead, and thought, well, only if she doesn't have endurance, will I see her again. I went through mile 1 in 7 minutes and thought to myself - it looks like I am going to struggle today. The course soon turned onto the trail, and gradually climbed. Tim Twietmeyer and Scott McCoubrey were in front of me, having a conversation about kids and ice skating. I was still huffing and puffing. The trail grew steeper, and a gal with two braids breezed by, looking relaxed. My heart rate was now 180. Criminy! The runners kept drifting further and further away. Finally at the top of a climb, I strided out out a bit, and approached a large stream crossing, and just splashed through. At least the getting my feet drenched was out of the way. I was starting to feel a little better, so I settled into a pace, and wondered how far to the aid station. I hoped to be in around 40 minutes, but it was already over 40. Finally I could hear the cheering and yelling, and could see Brian in the aid station. It was about 43 minutes - I opened my bottle to have it filled, but I hadn't had any yet, so I tried to chug some down, mostly just spilling it. Someone filled it, and Ed handed my a gu, and I was out of there.

We crossed highway 49 and onto a muddy, rutted out trail. I was now feeling great, and started to really roll. I was behind 'red hat' who was keeping a good pace, but was a little tentative on the technical stuff. Finally I said 'I think I want to go by' and he gladly accommodated. Red hat and I would spend most of the race together by chance - we were evenly matched, and when I felt like I could go faster, it would get hilly - where he was stronger, and then I could barely hang on.

The trails were beautiful, and the views of the American River were awesome. The climbing for the most part was subtle - somehow we went from near the river level, to some way above it. We had stream crossing after
stream crossing, many were just one step in and out, but many involved wading, the deepest being over my knees. The stretch we were on between aid stations was 8 miles, and when I came in, I grabbed a gu, filled my bottle,
and trotted out. I was running strong and wondered if the 2 gals in front were feeling as good, or did I have a chance of catching them? During this stretch I knew Brian would be out on the course. I was anxious to see him and get some encouragement and data on the girls in front of me. When I saw him, he whooped and hollered, and told me Craig was about 10 minutes ahead, as well as one of the girls. The other girl was suffering. At this point I lost red hat, but soon caught up to Twietmeyer, we exchanged 'good jobs' and then I was cruising a nasty, rutted, downhill again. I caught red hat just as we were crossing a very deep stream. He was shorter than I, and he stepped where nothing was, and went down to his torso. He jumped up, and I took a different route, and we were on our way again. I stayed with him to the first really steep climb, Ball Bearing Hill, and started the long hike up. We were pretty evenly matched, hiking with some jogging interspersed, and about 3/4 of the way up, I took the
lead, and never saw him again. Finally at the top, I started running well again.

At the next aid station I asked how far the other women were ahead.  One was at least 10 minutes, but another was only about 2. I grabbed gu and beverage, and high-tailed it out of there. I started encountering runners
on this section, that were on their way out, and there were lots of encouraging words from them. I eventually ended up running behind another guy - John - who kept a good pace, and we stayed together to the next big
climb - Goat Hill. He explained to me what it was like, and then I followed him up. This was a shorter climb than Ball Bearing, and as I glanced to the top, I saw the number 2 gal, the one who ran like a rabbit at the start. I
was pretty sure I would catch her. Up to the top, to the aid station, she was looking pretty grim, staring at the table as if she wanted something magic. I had a drop bag here, ran to it, got my drink, left my gloves and hat, and got out of there. John was right behind me, and said only another 45 minutes or so. We hammered down, but his hammer was more resilient, so he took the lead, and I never caught back up. My legs were not so bouncy,
and my toes were slamming into the ends of my shoes, but the flat sections felt good. I was beginning to feel nature call, but didn't want to sacrifice my position, so I ignored it. Nearly back to the first aid station, I caught McCoubrey, who looked a little fried, but still moving forward.

I came into the last aid station. Ed was still working there, and was helping friend Tommy, who had run out of gas. I didn't take aid, as it was less than 2 miles to the finish. Ed yelled for me to make sure Tommy finished. I ran up the trail, encouraging Tommy to keep coming, passed the poor wilting fella, but he kept his cheerful countenance, and finished shortly after me. I finally crested the hill, getting passed by Paul somebody, who was also very encouraging. Just before the last turns, I saw a family of 5 watching us come in and soon realized they were my friends from New Zealand come to see the race (by way of San Rafael), which was very uplifting. I shouted at them and forged on through the last muddy sections, and was greeted by some very hardy fans (it was still cold), and finished 2nd woman in 4:31. My overall impression is that it was very well organized, the aid
stations were great, the competitors had great attitudes, and the course rocked! I hope next year it's either Way Too Hot, Way Too Dry, but this year was Way Too Wet.

March 12

Virginia Creeper Marathon: Brenton Floyd, Robert "srlopez" Lopez

Lower Potomac River Marathon: Paula Boone, Steve Boone, Kevin Brosi, Jesse Leitner, Daniel Lieb, Larry Macon, Dennis Spurlock.  A great day for two of the fastest Maniacs (from In the eleventh weekend of 2006, the Lower Potomac River Marathon became a proving ground for runners that like to run a lot of marathons. John Piggott, in his second marathon of 2006, sucessfully defended his title when he crossed the finish line to win in 2:37:25. Chuck Engle must have been tired... The Jackson MS runner who has been running a marathon each weekend, finished second in 2:39:40 a week after posting a 2:31:34 in Sarasota. For Engle, this was his tenth marathon of 2006, bringing him to a record of 7 wins and 3 second place finishes. Gregg Walchli, of Seattle WA, in his fourth marathon of the year took third in 3:06:59.


March 18

Antelope Island Buffalo Run: Jeff Perry, Blaine Phillips

Catalina Island Marathon: Deo Jaravata, Jon "Coconutboy" Mahoney, Guillermo Rios

Cherry Blossom Festival Marathon: Chuck Engle, Angela Ivory, Larry Macon

Chuckanut 50km: Tony (*tc) Covarrubias, Steve Duncan, Christel Elliot, Cheri Gillis, Richard "Road Kill" Haase, Kendall Kreft, Kurt Lauer, Jeff Loen, Arthur Martineau, Sean Meissner, Stacy "PoSSum" Otter, Van "pigtails" Phan, tony! Phillippi, Diana "sLuG" Robinson, Glenn Tachiyama, Olga Varlamova, Guy Yogi

Crown Kings Scramble 50K: Andrea Hill

Kentucky Ultra Trail Sojourn 50: Brenton Floyd

Pacific Rim One Day Run: Ruth Balf, Michael Dutton, Steve "El Pinguino" Fredrickson, Robert Hester

Salida Marathon: Amy Yanni's Race Report:


March 19

Big Island Marathon: Rob Willis

City of Los Angeles Marathon: Ken Blauvelt, Brad Bleiweis, Andre Boulais, Carol Dellinger, Deo Jaravata, Todd King, Andy Kumeda, Larry Macon, Edward McGowan, Paula Montague, Dana Mosell, Les Omura,  Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, Charles Sayles, Terry Sentinella, Steve Supkoff, Michael Szklarz, Cathy Troisi



Brew to Brew 43 miler: Tom Detore

Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon: Paula Boone, Steve Boone

Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon: Jack Heely, Chester Kalb


March 25

Ellerbe Springs Marathon: Cheri Gillis, John Hutchinson, Daniel Lieb, Helmut Linzbichler, Gregg Walchli, Fiona Wright, Wayne Wright,

Brian Kistner made it three in a row when he successfully defended his title to win the 2006 Ellerbe Springs Marathon with a time of 2:53:30. Kistner was the 2004 and 2005 champ as well, and managed to beat both his previous winning times - and set a new course record - with this year's victory. Gregg Walchli, of Seattle WA - Marathon Maniac and winner of the Christmas, Gateway to the Pacifc and Pacifc Crest Marathons in 2005 - took second place in 3:03:39


H.A.T. Run 50km: Jack Heely, Jesse Leitner, Andrew Moore, Jan Rego, Michael Shilling

Martian Marathon: Amy Yanni

Muddness 50km: Christel Elliot, Richard "Road Kill" Haase, Arthur Martineau, Kate Merrill, Van "pigtails" Phan

Napa Valley Trail Marathon: Jeff Perry

National Marathon: Dave Bell, Boonsom Hartman, Mark Janosky, Larry Macon, Keith Whited, Bekkie Wright. Race Report from Charles Sayles


Pirates Cove 50m: Les Omura

Tri-State Marathon: Bill Mandler


March 26

Barcelona Marathon: Russ McCaffery

Bataan Memorial Death March: Monte Fus, Ron Knecht, Helmut Linzbichler, Robert "srlopez" Lopez, Don Pattison. Read more about this grueling race…the Al Harman version.


       Al (#89) Harman          Ron (#135) Knecht   Robert "srlopez" (#111 ) Lopez        Monte (#185) Fus


Hogeye Marathon: Tom Detore, Brenton Floyd, Terry Sentinella

Terry Sentinella, of Anacortes WA, won the 2006 Hogeye Marathon with a time of 2:59:56. Sentinella was the winner of the Last Chance Marathon in December of 2005. He was followed by Tom Brennan, of Poteau OK - 2005's Golden Gate Marathon winner - who crossed the finish line in 3:03:22. Brian Hurley, of Fayetteville AR, came in third in 3:03:40.


Knoxville Marathon: Brenton Floyd, Cheri Gillis, Angela Ivory, Chester Kalb, Rick Korecki, Ron Westbury

More Marathon: Cathy West

Ocean Drive Marathon: Kevin Brosi, Ron Bucy, Chuck Engle, Don "The Rev" Kienz, Larry Macon, Edward McGowan, Lisa Spence

Chuck Engle, in his twelfth marathon of 2006, captured his eighth victory, winning the Ocean Drive Marathon in 2:43:32. With his win, Engle snapped a four marathon losing streak (if you can really call coming in second a loss) and brought his 2006 record to 8 wins, 4 losses (all losses being second-place finishes).



          The Maniac sage…Words to make you smile…

                                 Why did the driver throw money in the street?…So she could stop on a dime!


Noteworthy Accomplishments / Promotions / Omissions / Maniac Stuff:


Ø       100 marathon mark: Sue Fauerbach (Little Rock Marathon)

Ø       Fritz Pieper for running in the Kilamanjaro Marathon

Ø       Glenn Tachiyama sighting…Runners World, page 105

Ø       Maniac #76 Chris Marr is running for State Senate in Washington. 

Ø       Thanks again to John Elliot for his valuable time and effort for linking with, and establishing the race spreadsheet and bulletin board options.


New Members for the Month of March

3/01 - Chester Kalb #256 (Key West, Florida): Chester, also known as Key West's Southernmost Walker, has completed 38 marathons.  Also a member of the 50 States Marathon Club and 50 and DC Marathon Group (you can never be in enough clubs!), Chester's best streak was last year when he completed 5 marathons in 5 weeks. Can you say, Iridium! Great work Chester, keep it going.

3/04 - Robert Britain #257 (Wayzata, Minnesota): Since Robert started his marathon journey in 2001, he has completed 45 in 32 states.  Last year, he managed 13 marathons in 13 states. The Marathon Maniacs hereby bequeath Robert as a 5-star "Ruthenium" Maniac.


3/06 - Tom Karpowich #258 (Tampa, Florida): We must have seen Tom at the Tampa Maniac Reunion, or maybe he saw us and got excited about joining the Maniacs. In addition to Tampa, Tom also completed the Disney World and Sarasota Marathons to qualify for bronze induction.

3/06 - Jan Rego #259 (Glenville, Pennsylvania): Jan had the "dubious" honor of running with the Rev at Tampa. And when the Rev talks, people listen! Last year, she ran Marine Corps and New York City on back to back weekends, thus qualifying her for Maniac bronze.  Jan has run a total of 23 marathons and 2 ultras in 6 states and D.C. . And she's just starting, so watch out!

3/08 - Vanessa Reiter #260 (York, Pennsylvania): Another Maniac just getting started, Vanessa's best streak is 3 marathons in 3 weeks or 6 in 5 months.  With God's blessing, she hopes to do at least 12 in 2006. Vanessa's deep dark secret when it comes to marathons… sleep in the car as close as she can get to the start line.

3/11 - Mike DuVall #261 (Austin, Texas): There are quite a few Maniacs from Texas, and Mike is just adding to that count.  A relative newbie to the marathon scene, he has run 7 lifetime marathons, with his best streak being 2 in 3 weeks (Austin and Little Rock). So welcome to the Bronze world of the Insane Asylum.


3/17 - Minh Dang #262 (Harvest, Alabama): I first met Minh at last year's Pocatello and Christmas Marathon and recently at Little Rock. So naturally I had to ask him to join. He's truly making the rounds as he has completed 28 marathons in 27 states. Minh ran in 13 marathons last year and has no intentions of curbing his "habit". Way to go "Ruthenium" Minh!


3/22 - Mary Latta #263 (Bellingham, Washington): For those of you fortunate enough to be at last year's Last Chance Marathon, the highlight was Mary performing a "cartwheel" while crossing the finish line. Her 3 marathons (Last Chance, Birch Bay and Chuckanut 50 km) in 3 months gets her in the coveted Insane Asylum as a Bronze level member.



  Minh (#263) Dang & Family           Mary (#264) "Cartwheel" Latta                            Bill (#267) Fairgreive

3/22 - Brian "Action" Jackson #264 (Metairie, Louisiana): A nickname that rivals with the best of them, "Action" Jackson has already run a back to back this year (Cherry Blossom and Shamrock Sportsfest) and 5 in 28 days.  He has completed 16 marathons in 14 states, and has qualified for 4-star Iridium status.


3/23 - Patrick Shields #265 (New Paltz, New York): Patrick's marathoning and ultramarathoning career is just getting started (2 of each) and his best streak is 2 in 3 weeks.  This makes Patrick a certified Bronze Maniac. 


3/24 - Rob Cowan #266 (Coto da Caza, California): With 19 total marathons (in 12 states) to his credit, Rob has run some impressive times.  His best streak is 6 marathons in 6 months, thus earning him Silver status in the Insane Asylum.


3/27 - Bill Fairgrieve #267 (Port Orchard, Washington): I recently met Bill at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon…what a character!  His best streak is 4 in 6 weeks and he has completed 13 marathons and 2 ultras. Welcome to Gold level Bill.

                                Rhetorical Revelations and W(Rites)…from the Rambunctious Rev

A Mega-Maniac runs through the finish line,finds some friends, gets some burgers and brew and relaxes. A Mini-Maniac trips over the finish line, can't recognize friends, gets a bagel and water, and collapses.”                 MiniManiac #481


-          Dear Marathon Maniacs Internet Club of America and Beyond,


This little world you have created gets more Maniacal all the time. Lots of Ouchies on the Bulletin board lately.  Seen them? Even you had an ouchy, Mr. 78 marathons in 78 weeks, (I’m within one or two of accurate, right?).  Didn’t stop you, though, did it?  Maybe for a few days, in between weekends, something like that?


Ah, injuries.  Sometimes we can help ourselves, take a rest, skip a run or three maybe; and sometimes we should, to heal them or prevent them.  But sometimes injuries just happen, even when we’re being “prudent”.1 


When they happen, the advice I’m hearing seems to be “know thyself”.  Unless your MRI has a whole bunch of unusual lines and colors on it, the big decision is on you:  to run, or n-n-n----…  jog.   To run, or n-n-n---… jog.  (Hey, I’m a maniac _ow.  Maniacs don’t use words that start with “n”, right? Ot ow, ot ever.)


In Tampa I saw a famous Maniac limp through 26.2 miles.  (Actually, I saw him limp through the first 3.  I wasn’t able to keep up with him after that.  Turns out his limp time equaled my PR, sigh.   Anyway, he had better be looking over his shoulder next time because I’ve got these new socks….). Let me be more precise.  I saw YOU limping through 26.2, Mr. President!.   Yes YOU, YEE!  Your little secret is OUT  OW, Stevie Boy!  But you were smiling and laughing and shrugging your shoulders from the very beginning at the predicament of hobbling your way through a MARATHON! Smiling!  Skip-hop!  Smiling! Swing that limb around! Chuckle again!  (  …26.2 …miles… of smiling and ... cha-chunk, stride, cha-chunk …… … ooohhhh, my ).


Well mebbe we ought to post one more time, in one more place, some version of our primary disclaimer found on our “HI!  JOIN US!"  page, so here goes:


To All:  MarathonManiacs is not responsible for your injuries, orthopedic bill, abuse of your body, or, well, your dying out there for that matter, just because we’re nuts and you decide “hey! I’m nuts too!”. 


Did Not Finish (dnf) or Did Not Show (dns) are other actual choices, dear new member, that you had in your prior life (i.e. life before the yellow singlet with the funny cat), choices which you may re-employ, secretly if you like. Just so we all understand each other, the only legal action we’re a part of is, say, finding you your very own application and Disclaimer for the “Possibly-Amputational Peak 100”.   That’s a good one for your schedule.  Held in late December… 400 miles north of Juneau…that way all 100 miles are run in the dark.  You’ll love it, really.  Plenty of water frozen, granted, but an unlimited supply.  You’ll love it. Might be a little tougher getting pacers.  Plan ahead. 


Other things…Have you seen the recent discussions? Want a different challenge yourself?  Want to make orthopedic doctors everywhere rub their hands in glee? How about this one:

·         Run fifty 50km Ultras in 50 States. Sheesh! Seems to me if you’re going to do that, you ought to have to do it in 31.07 days.  The record is 50 km in 50 States in 75 days.

I haven’t verified it, but if it is on the MarathonManiac bulletin board, I’m running with it.  (Kind of like SluG and Possum:  they showed up on the bulletinboard, I’m  running  with ‘em.  Whatta country.) Steve-O?  Nothing stopping you and me from doing those 50 ultras in 70 days, is there?  Oh yeah.  Talent.  I forgot.  In our partnership we’d be short of that to the tune of one, huh.  Well, don’t forget to send me postcards.  


It seems we’ve gotten a bit exercised about a certain Dean Karnazes doing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days getting a lot of publicity about that and other feats of derring-do, feats that we might find buried deep in our own MM bulletin board files somewhere.  Well, good for him.  Fame is fine, might be fun even, brings him a few bucks, downside is a sore wrist at book signings. Dean was a nice, likable chap at the SF expo to me, gave me a few words of encouragement.  And there’s a whole world of non-maniacs out there who get inspired by a good story, and his is entertaining enough.  Hope he signs on with us and wears one of our singlets soon. It’d be nice to have him.  See if he’s got these new socks.


His fame doesn’t make any of us any less.  You heard of McDonald’s hamburgers out there? They are famous back here in the east, and overseas…you got ‘em in the Northwest?  (Probably need bigger overhangs at the drive-through windows to keep the food dry though, huh?)  Anyway, you’ve never heard of my wife’s burgers, but mmmm, they’re delicious….(um, that’s what my sons say…see, of course, I’m a serious runner… I don’t eat burgers…heh heh heh….no sir, pasta, salads, occasionally some chicken, but red meat, like a nice juicy filet mignon wrapped in bacon and smothered in onions and mushrooms with a little sauce on the side?  Nahhhhh....). 

Hey, I’ve got a better challenge…How about this: 100 marathons, in 100 days, in 100 states?  


Oh don’t be so negative.



1  “prudent”, quoted from Pres. George H. Bush, various speeches, 1989-1991.


In an attempt to make the Marathon Maniacs one of the best and unique running clubs out there, we want to hear how we’re doing.  You as members know what you want and what you don’t want, so don’t hesitate to let us know.  We can’t guarantee that we can accommodate every request, but we’ll do the best we can.


If you have a desire to share your race experience with the rest of the Maniacs, feel free to write up a race report, submit it to us and we’ll post it in the monthly newsletter.  This is a good way to get the info you want into the letter and not just what we might write.


Maniac Ongoing Discounts

· $5 off marathons put on by Bob Green (his next one is the Easter Marathon).
· 10% off any running shoes, apparel at the Bellevue, Wa Foot Zone store (ask for Jenny)
· discount on BITE sandals (contact Tony at for details)

More to come in the April / May 2006 Newsletter and to the web site soon.

The President has written…

                      Don Pattison says "Don't mess with my running, or else!"