Regional Ambassador

Welcome to the Regional Ambassador page!

This is new so check back for more updates every few days.

What is expected of an Ambassador?
Dues must be current.
Must have run at least 10 lifetime marathons
Have outstanding values, you will be representing the Marathon Maniacs.
Your Maniac profile must be complete and up to date and races entered. (please make sure you've uploaded your picture as well).
Willing to promote the Marathon Maniacs at the local races.
Familiar with various social media (i.e.. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and how to use hashtags.
Moderate your cities Maniac Facebook page and insure guidelines set forth on the page are met.
*Lead / Organize Pace Teams at local events.
Organize local meet ups after local events.
*If the opportunity presents itself.

What are the incentives of becoming a Regional Ambassador?
Personalized Maniac coat (after 90 probation period).
After 1 year of service you receive lifetime membership.
50% off all gear (immediately after signing on).
Listing on the Marathon Maniacs website with a link to your Maniac bio.
Ambassadors will be sent the following materials: 2' x 8" Banner - Informational brochures for local races / expo's and meet ups.

Term 1 year (you’re not committed for life)!

Requirements to be an ambassador!

In order to be considered for the ambassador program, the following must be provided in your email

1.       Name

2.       Which club you’re in and your club seniority Number

3.       Have been a member for at least 1 year?

4.       When your club dues expire

5.       Lifetime race count (How many marathons have you run)

6.       What city or region you live in. (We are only enlisting one ambassador per city / region at this time, so if your area is already represented, you’re most likely too late.) You can still submit and be put on the waiting list if and when the current ambassador resigns or is replaced.

7.       Provide a link to your profile page (please make sure you have a current picture uploaded and your race list updated)

8.       Will you be able to be present at 10 or more local races in the years’ time?
At This time, we are assigning only one ambassador per city / region, please check the list below of existing chapters to ensure your city isn't already represented before inquiring. Thank you

Email us HERE<

Dallas / Fort Worth, TX Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Chris Bouchard MM #8427

Tulsa, OK Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Joseph Adkins MM #12770

Denver, CO Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Stacy Allen Bolyard MM #8727

Chattanooga, TN Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Courtney Bird MM #9232

Chicago, IL Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Jose Maria Gabriel MM #9970

St Louis, MO Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Sadie Smith MM #12709

Cincinnati, OH Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Andrew Wetterer MM #11505

Louisville, KY Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Abbi Auger MM #5102

Jacksonville, FL Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Connor Bussiere MM #12155

Nashville, TN Facebook Chapter HERE<
Ambassador Brian Wright MM #3505

Atlanta, GA Facebook Chapter HERE
Ambassador Barbara Blackford MM #9635

Fayetteville-Fort Bragg, NC Facebook Chapter HERE
Ambassador Chris Sloan MM #7700

Milwaukee, WI Facebook Chapter HERE
Ambassador Barbara Meinecke MM #2862

Virginia Beach, VA Facebook Chapter HERE
Ambassador Susan Snead MM #1972

Oklahoma City, OK Facebook Chapter HERE
Ambassador Leslie Driskill MM #6124