Signature Race Series

The Maniacs / Fanatics have partnered with some AWESOME races around the country to bring you the Signature Race Series.

**Please note the SRS will end 2018 and will be replaced by the Club Exclusive Events in 2019**

What is the Race Series?

The race series is 5 marathons / half marathons spread out throughout the United States both in region and dates. Starting between January and ending in December, the races cover most regions of the U.S providing diverse races to those members that accept the challenge.

What's the incentive for members to participate?

Besides the normal cool things that large groups of members bring to a 26.2 / 13.1 party, The club will be producing additional medals for each race signifying that portion of the series. You'll receive two medals for finishing each of these races (the normal race medal and the series medal provided by the club). Each medal is a piece of a larger finish medal, meaning, if you run all 5 races, you'll complete the medal puzzle (see photos below). All medals will be magnetized like the 2016 reunion medals from Des Moines and connect together, making one large medal (think Little Rock medal size).

The catch is, beyond the 5 piece magnetized medal, there is a 6th piece of the puzzle that you'll only receive if you complete all 5 races.

So don't get left out of the fun!!! Get signed up today. All races will provide a race discount and additional perks at the race.


**IMPORTANT: Participants need to add their name to the race calendar one month prior to the race date in order to receive the club medal (for ordering purposes)**

Please Join the Maniacs / Fanatics for our NEW 5 Race Series. More info coming... Below are the races so mark your calendars and come along on our Maniac Fanatic tour!


2017 Scheduled Races:

RACE -1 Cowtown Marathon 2-26-2017

RACE -2 Tacoma City Marathon 4-30-2017

RACE - 3 Mad Marathon 7-9-2017

RACE - 4 Fox Cities Marathon 9-24-2017

Race 5 - Tucson Marathon 12-9-2017


2018 Scheduled Races:

RACE-1 Tobacco Road Marathon 3-18-2018

RACE-2 Fargo Marathon 5-19-2018

RACE-3 Missoula Marathon 7/15/2018

Race - 4 Akron Marathon 9/29/2018

Race - 5 Route 66 Marathon Date- 11/18/2018



How the series will work;

If all 5 races are run, you will complete the series challenge and receive all 5 medals + the 6th finishing piece to complete the medal puzzle. The following year you can complete the 2nd series and get the 2nd medal puzzle. 

If you DO NOT complete all 5 races in 2017, the following year you’ll have an opportunity to make up the races that were missed. Meaning, if you missed races 1 and 2 (Cowtown & Tacoma City) in 2017, but did run races 3, 4 and 5, you can run races 1 and 2 that are scheduled for 2018 (Tobacco Road & Fargo) to complete the series and the medal puzzle. Any combo will count as long as you run races 1-5 in either year.

If you run races 1, 2 and 3 in both years, but fail to run either of the designated 4 or 5 races, sorry that won’t count. You must run races 1-5 in either year.

Make sure to use #maniacfanaticraceseries for all your photos!

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