Marathon Maniac Pace Team

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Marathon Maniacs have been pacing events since the Inaugural Tacoma City Marathon in 2007.

Are you interested in being a pacer? Then make sure to check out these pacing opportunities that we have lined up for our Marathon Maniac members! Pacers will receive a free entry to the race as well as pace signs such as the ones displayed above. The time slots displayed are the ones that are still available, if you would like to pace please contact the designated Pace Leader to sign up. 

**Must be a current member in good standing to participate**

Also make sure to sure check out our Maniac Fanatic Pace team group page for updates! Here <<

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Regional Pace Leaders

Northwest Region – Taylor Call MM# 3128  Contact
Southwest Region – Shaun Enderton – MM# 15194  Contact
Northeast Region – Othman Doubiany MM# 8723
Southeast Region – Kimmie Lynn Gates MM# 15199 Contact

Maniac Fanatic Pace Team Schedule
Boston Qualifying Times

Open the race link to view pacing opportunities. 

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Race directors; Are you in need of pacers at your event? Please contact us at and we can assist you in getting our pace team to your race.