MCM Pacing

Marine Corps Marathon

October 27, 2019

Arlington, VA

The Marine Corps Marathon has contracted the Marathon Maniacs to serve as the the MCM Pace Team for 2019.

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All pacers will receive a race entry and a Maniac (co-)branded pacing shirt. Each Pacer is required to work one 4 hour shift at the MCM Maniac Pacing Booth. Booth #527 has been designated for the Pace Team.

Pacer Criteria:
1. Positive, experienced, outgoing, roll models in the running community.
2. Each pacer will be required to work a 4 hour shift at the MCM Maniac Pacer Booth.
3. Members have to be in Good Standing & Your Maniac My Profile Page up to date (Example)
4. Pacers must be able to comfortably pace the time requested. This is not for personal goal times, this is an opportunity to give back and support the MCM runners achieve their goals.

To be considered for pacing MCM 2019 email from this link >> (MCM Pacing must be in the subject line).

Pace times:

3:00 / 6:52 Pace

1. Brian Post (Race History)
2. Andrew Castaldi (Race History)


3:15  / 7:28 Pace

2. Trevor Baine (Race History)


3:30 / 8:01 Pace

2. Brian Wright (Race History)


3:45 / 8:35 Pace

1. Othman Doubiany (Race History)
2. Ian Rintel (Race History)


4:00 / 9:09 Pace

1. Kelley Heffner (Race History)
2. Charlie Redditt


4:15 / 9:43 Pace

1. Shannon Hays (Race History)
2. Heather Ziegler (Race History)


4:30 / 10:18 Pace

1. Greg Burress (Race History)
2. Jimm Ouellettte (Race History)


4:45 / 10:52 Pace

1. Ken Fatmann (Race History)
2. Ryan Westin


5:00 / 11:27 Pace

1. Theneshia Glaze (Race History)
2. Avi Kelley (Race History)


5:30 / 12:36 Pace

1. Melissa Slagle (Race History)
2. Diane Bolton (Race History)


Beat the Bridge  / 14:00 Pace
Beat the Bridge cutoff at mile 20 by 1:15 PM

1. Jascia Redwine (Race History)
2. Sandy Hugill (Race History)


JC & Jeannette
Jorge Garcia - Birke
Ken Bereski


Marine Corps Marathon is annually ranked as one of the largest marathons in the US and the world. Motivated individuals run the MCM as a tribute to a loved one serving this country or in memory of their sacrifice. They run in defiance, while facing an illness, whether their own or a loved one's. They run to show love of country. The MCM welcomes those finding a new path to fitness and those simply seeking to conquer a distance that once seemed impossible. Organized by the men and women of the United States Marine Corps, the MCM celebrates the honor, courage and commitment of all finishers. Held in Arlington, VA, National Harbor, MD and the nation’s capital, the MCM hosts runners from all 50 states and more than 60 countries.