This is a club for runners who are crazy about running marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify. Do you have what it takes?



Congratulations Latest Double Agents!
Anthony Longjas (MM-15390 HF-18084 DA-3566)
Lisa Steinberg (MM-15387 HF-17603 DA-3565)
Katina Green (MM-15380 HF-12236 DA-3564)
J.C. Lundberg (MM-15374 HF-18214 DA-3563)
Donna Sarasin (MM-15364 HF-6371 DA-3562)
Andrea Eason (MM-15359 HF-16779 DA-3561)
Antje Perrin (MM-15354 HF-18020 DA-3560)
Albert Jordan Jr. (MM-15345 HF-17918 DA-3559)
Kristie Earl (MM-15338 HF-18196 DA-3558)
Tara Chettiar (MM-15336 HF-17974 DA-3555)