This is a club for runners who are crazy about running marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify. Do you have what it takes?



Congratulations Latest Double Agents!
Ben Spivey (MM-15025 HF-17755 DA-3447)
Ryan Wrigley (MM-9356 HF-17752 DA-3446)
Elton Takara (MM-15044 HF-17749 DA-3445)
Briar-Rose Honeywill-Sykes (MM-15043 HF-17748 DA-3444)
Alexandra Bard (MM-15039 HF-15935 DA-3443)
John Allison (MM-6389 HF-17738 DA-3442)
Toni Hoek (MM-15035 HF-17124 DA-3441)
Jennifer Young (MM-15014 HF-17736 DA-3440)
Maricela Conejo (MM-15033 HF-3777 DA-3439)
Letty Joyce (MM-15032 HF-13960 DA-3438)