This is a club for runners who are crazy about running marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify. Do you have what it takes?



Congratulations Latest Double Agents!
Lisa LeClaire (MM-15250 HF-16483 DA-3527)
Wayne Hryniuk (MM-15251 HF-17888 DA-3528)
Greg Paton (MM-15238 HF-18082 DA-3526)
Jim Shoopack (MM-9533 HF-18093 DA-3525)
Rebekah Pierce (MM-15234 HF-2194 DA-3524)
Jessica Higgins (MM-14207 HF-18085 DA-3521)
Bruno Musso (MM-15144 HF-18088 DA-3522)
Dana Reising (MM-15231 HF-17223 DA-3523)
Heidi Thompson (MM-15226 HF-7585 DA-3520)
Gina Justice (MM-15225 HF-14792 DA-3519)