This is a club for runners who are crazy about running marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify. Do you have what it takes?





Congratulations Latest Double Agents!
Stephanie N Hoang (MM-15625 HF-17473 DA-3644)
Jennifer Clark (MM-15623 HF-16743 DA-3643)
Penny Wilbanks (MM-15295 HF-18435 DA-3642)
Logan Garnanez (MM-3899 HF-18430 DA-3641)
Karen Derrick (MM-12489 HF-18426 DA-3640)
Michael Worrell (MM-15140 HF-18425 DA-3639)
Brian Stenholm (MM-14620 HF-18424 DA-3638)
Sheri Nicholls (MM-8584 HF-18423 DA-3637)
Robert Buice (MM-14757 HF-18420 DA-3636)
Maggie Morrison (MM-14845 HF-18411 DA-3634)