Mini Maniacs

Welcome to the Mini Maniacs Kids Club

Get your child moving! An 8 week running program with fun and challenging running activities. After you sign your child up you will receive the following.

1. Tri-Fold brochure map to track your child's fitness journey.
2. Access to an interactive online map to track miles.
3. Mini Maniac kids tech tee.
4. Mini Maniac Finisher Medal.
5. Mini Maniac official club number inside The Cave.

Motivating today's youth for a lifetime of fitness!

Mini Maniacs - Fitness Levels

1. Main Maniac Cat - 52.4 Miles in 8 Weeks

2. Bobcat - 65.5 Miles in 8 Weeks

3. Cougar - 78.6 Miles in 8 Weeks

4. Snow Leopard - 91.7 Miles in 8 Weeks

5. Jaguar - 104.8 Miles in 8 Weeks

6. Cheetah - 117.9 Miles in 8 Weeks

7. Panther - 131.0 Miles in 8 Weeks

8. Tiger - 144.1 Miles in 8 Weeks

10. Lion - 157.2 Miles in 8 Weeks

Are these levels to challenging for you? Check out the Flying Fanatics HERE <<

How does the Kids Club work?
Once your child is registered, an account will be created on the website. A User ID and password will be emailed to you. A hard copy package will be mailed via USPS to your home address that includes a map (this is for the participant to track their miles and map their progression) Also included will be the sublimated t-shirt and finishers medal. The t-shirt will be provided in the size you specify at time of registration. The finishers medal will be labeled in a special package that will state “do not open until goal is completed”. This is up to the discretion of the parent as to when to present this medal, however we encourage making sure all the miles are completed before the participant can receive the medal. 

Suggested miles per day will be listed on your child’s online account and also in the fitness package that is mailed to you.

Once participants have completed their level, they can progress to the next level to earn more level pins. These pins will attach to the ribbon of their finisher medal. Look for more exciting additions in the near future!

Register HERE << $34.95

Kids Tee Sizing Chart

Questions? Please email us at

*Please note our office hours are 10am - 6pm Monday through Friday.



To introduce our youth to the physical and emotional positive effects of running.

To increase the physical activity of our youth.

To create a positive environment where all participants are equal.

*Hard work and determination will be rewarded at the end of the journey!